Top 5 Favorite Things About Star Wars

Hey everyone,

So I thought I would let you all know about my top 5 favorite things about the Star Wars series. I’m a huge fan and there are many things that I love, but these are my top five:

  1. The actors.
  2. The characters.
  3. The plot.
  4. The environments and planets.
  5. The technology.


The actors.

I am a big fan of the original actors: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. Harrison Ford is my favorite. He plays Han Solo (of course). They are the best actors, in my humble opinion. I think they have represented George Lucas’s characters very well. There will not be another set of great actors like these three.

The characters.

George Lucas came up with some of the best characters ever! My favorite character from the original trilogy is Luke Skywalker. My favorite villain is Darth Vader. From the prequel, I love Obi-wan Kenobi. I have yet to have a favorite character from the last three movies because all three are not made yet. Also, Rogue One is not out yet so I don’t have a favorite from that movie yet. When it comes to the robots, I love C-3PO best. He is just so funny!

The plot.

George Lucas was and is a genius. He came up with one of the best stories ever. It is so engaging and you just want to keep watching the movies and want to learn more and more about the characters and their past and what happens in the future. George Lucas came up with one of the greatest plots ever. He never knew that Star Wars would be so big when he made the first movie and it did. This wasn’t just because of the actors or characters, though they helped, but the plot was the biggest part of it.

The environments and planets.

One of my favorite parts of the movies are the environments and the different planets. When we are first introduced to Luke, he is on Tatooine, a desert planet with two suns. The next movie, we are introduced to Hoth, which is an icy planet. The planets and their environments are some of the most interesting parts of the movie. I love watching the movies and listening to the names of the planets and seeing their environments.

The technology.

One of the best parts of the movies is the technology. George Lucas was a genius when he came up with the technology of Star Wars. Who knows? One day we might have the same technology from Star Wars. The technology is great and you can’t help but get sucked up into the movie when you see the technology in Star Wars. One of my favorite scenes in the Star Wars series is in Star Wars IV when Obi-Wan is turning off the ray to the Death Star. I always look forward to that scene because the technology is so cool.

Star Wars is definitely one of my favorite series. What is your favorite thing about Star Wars? Have a good one.




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