My not so favorite season

Hello everyone,

Well Spring has sprung, as the saying goes. I’m not a big fan of Spring, even though Geminis (like myself) are represented by the season of Spring. It’s not that I don’t like Spring. The flowers and trees are budding, new animals are being born, etc… However, the negatives are:

  • Summer is coming (it’s my least favorite season, way too hot)
  • Ants are starting to come into our house (damned little buggers)
  • Spring cleaning (got to get out the Summer clothes and put up the Winter ones)
  • Allergies (ugh)

Some things I love about Spring are:

  • The thunderstorms and rain
  • The budding trees (especially the blossoms of the apple trees)
  • Planting a garden
  • Farmers markets (the farmers markets will start to open soon)

Spring is an okay season, but I am still not looking forward to Summer. My favorite season is Fall. Hope that this summer isn’t too hot. What’s your favorite season?



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