What a busy day!

Hello everyone,

Monday is usually a very busy day for me. I have my nephew over at the house and we (my parents and I) are busy watching him. My nephew is 3 years old and is a terror. I think this is mostly because he doesn’t have friends yet. He is going to go to preschool in June, thank goodness, but until then we are going to be babysitting him, like we have been for a long time. We took him out today in hopes to wear him out, and we sort of did. We went to the library because I had to pick up a book. He likes the toys and the elevator. He has a thing for elevators. We then went to Burger King and had lunch. Then we went to the park. On top of all of this, today was extremely hot. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Spring is not one of my favorite seasons. I can’t stand the heat! So I tried to find a shady spot while he was at the park playing. Once we got home he started to act bad. He usually acts bad when he gets tired. So I was a bit glad when his mom came to pick him up. Rough and busy day. I love my nephew, but he is a hard one to take care of sometimes. 🙂 Talk soon!



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