The transgender issue

Hello everyone,

Well I’m pretty sure that you all have heard about the transgender issue that has come over the nation recently. There have been a lot of people on both sides who are feeling very strongly about this issue. I understand this. I am in the middle of the issue. I can understand both sides. On the one side, I can understand why the transgender community is upset.

Transgender people are born as one gender, but have a mental mindset of another. They cannot change this. It’s not like they make the decision to change their gender at birth. People need to understand that. They also need to understand that the transgender community consists, for the most part, of good people who would do nothing bad to others. People are accusing the transgender community without any basis of being bad people because they, especially boys, want to use a different bathroom regarding their true gender.

On the other hand, I can understand the concerns of families. There are bad people out there who would say that they are transgender, when they are not, and would use this as a way to do something bad. This could be a way for rapists, child pornographers, kidnappers, etc… to do terrible things to children or even adults.

The solution? I don’t know of one yet. Maybe a unisex one so that there is no embarrassment for anyone involved. However, we have to consider all and not jump to conclusions about the transgender community. We cannot be automatically negative about others just because of what things have happened. We need to be cautious, but we also need to be equal to others. That’s my thoughts. What do you think?



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