What a difficult day

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. I had my nephew over before I left to go to the hand therapist. He was being very difficult and behaving badly. So during this time I was getting a very bad headache. My mother had a doctor’s appointment as well, which happened to be before mine. I left at the same time my parents and nephew left. However, since my nephew misbehaved (he dumped a bottle of silver money which is an old milk bottle). I was too busy to take any meds for my headache. I went to the library and ‘shopped’ around for a few books, which took me almost an hour. So after that, I went through a lot of traffic (since it was near 4:00). I only stayed at the therapist till 4:30. By this time my migraine was in full and there was a lot of people and a lot of noise. I could not take anymore. I also was very hungry and this was contributing to it. I am feeling better now thank goodness, but I hope that today is better. I have my appointment with the hematologist today at 9:25 am. So let’s hope that goes well. Have a good one.



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