A frigging hard day

Hello everyone,

What a frigging hard day! Today my parents and I had my nephew with us. He always wears me out. However, I especially was worn out today. We went out today and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had to get a new hamper (the mesh kind) for my laundry, because the other was falling apart. We then went to Sam’s Club and got some stuff (mostly cheese) for the month. We love cheese. 🙂 We all ate before we shopped. My nephew, though, seemed interested in other things. Children typically are though. We spent a while in there then left and it was around 2:00 and drove to PA. It wasn’t but about 5 or 6 miles North from where we were. We stopped at the welcome center and I got some pamphlets. Then we had to turn back and take my nephew to his dad.

After that we had an appointment. My parents are having a house built and they were able to go and see the inside. They are very happy with it so far. I am looking forward to leaving the house that we are renting. I know my parents are excited and so am I. I didn’t go through the walk-through.

I need to correct my last post, BTW. I go on Thursday to see the Bariatric Surgeon which is the 5th. I was thinking ahead too far. I am so looking forward to the information session.

To continue, I came home and took a shower. On Saturday, I had dyed my hair red and surprisingly, still had some in my hair. It was my first time dying it red. It is a really dark red and I will not be dying it this dark again, even though I like it. Well, tht’s pretty much it. Have a good one everybody!



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