The Bariatric information session

Hello everyone,

Well today was a long day. I was excited and couldn’t wait to got to the Bariatric information session. My nephew was over and dealing with him was very, very stressful…to say the least. I only had about 20 minutes to eat before we left because of 5:00 traffic (we left at 5:10 and got there about 5:45). I say ‘we’ because my dad came with me. It was nice to have him.

So we arrived and walked in. I gave the questionnaires and my insurance information to the nurse who I will see again. She gave us an information packet then we went and sat down and waited until the doctor came. The nurse came in before the doctor and made sure that we had all the information we needed. While waiting my dad and I went over the information.

Once the doctor came in, he had a Power Point presentation (which we had a copy of in our packet) and explained a lot of information from each slide. He explained the surgeries he does, the advantages and disadvantages of each surgery, what the first appointment will be like, what we need to do before the first appointment, etc… I was very impressed with the doctor. He knows his information and seems to care about what goes on about his future patients. Afterwards, there was a session for questions and he answered each one.

I am expecting a call from the office in at least seven days and am looking forward to it. So I have to check with my insurance companies. Anyway, that’s what it was like and I am looking forward to it!



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