Learning another language

Hello everyone,

Well I haven’t really discussed about it, but I have tried to apply to West Virginia University here in Morgantown, WV. Let’s just say the process is going very slow. They are requiring both my B.A. in Business Administration and my Medical Billing and Coding Certificate transcripts. I’m having difficulty with both schools. Not only that, they still are requesting it from USC (University of South Carolina), not South University. It will probably be Winter Quarter before I get in, if I am even accepted. * big sigh *

Anyway, I wanted to take a German language class. So I have decided to take things in my own hands. I bought a German language book from Books-A-Million. Today, I went to the library since they were having a book sale. Before my mother left to go upstairs to the main floor, she happened to glimpse at the free textbooks rack and what do you know, there were some German textbooks from a high school from Uniontown, PA. They’re in pretty good condition for being almost 20 years old. They were also free! It was in a set, three books!

So I am going to start studying German on my own. The book I had bought had an audio cd with it, so that will help. My dad says German is hard, but isn’t every language that you don’t know? I’m wanting to put Basic German on my resume in the future. 🙂 Do you know any languages and what do you think about learning new ones?



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