Feeling lonely

Hello everyone,

Do you ever feel lonely? I do. I have several friends in WV, most don’t live in Morgantown. I also have penpals. However, it seems that no one wants to write me or call me. I know people have their own lives, but I still feel that if I can take time to send letters (by hand), then so can they. It’s upsetting. I have no friends up here in Morgantown. Part of the reason why I wanted to take the German language class was to make friends. I don’t have the money to go to the cities where my friends lived. I have to save it to pay off debts and help my family. I’m just a little depressed and lonely right now. Have a good night everyone.



2 thoughts on “Feeling lonely

  1. Juansen Dizon says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. But I feel that there could be no reason for you at all to take German Language class just to make friends. I feel like true friendship is sponatenous and it’s one of the free things in this world that you shouldn’t work for 🙂 Serenity is my favorite emotion by the way. Haha. You have a really cool name.


    • pyriterenny says:

      That’s true. However, I don’t know anyone up here except my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. That’s why I was thinking about taking a class. I am hoping to find a way to make friends so I can get over this loneliness. Having just your family can be a little boring. Thanks for the compliment on the name. I appreciate it.

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