Be the Blogger Contest

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if you have heard, but eBay is sponsoring a contest called Be the Blogger. You can find the information here. It’s where you create a guide based on the theme that they pick. This time they have picked Summer as the theme and the contest for that one ends on June 1. I need a little help in deciding my topic. I have three that I am thinking about doing: barbeque, ice cream, or summer fruits and veggies. These will include information and recipes of course. I have a poll on my website: Sassafras and Lemongrass, you have to scroll to the bottom on the right, and I would appreciate it if you would vote. I have four options: barbeque, ice cream, summer fruits and veggies, and other. You can post the other suggestions in the post about the Be the Blogger contest on that blog. I would appreciate the input and help. I also have a monthly newsletter if you want to sign up for that. Thanks again everyone!



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