Feeling better today

Hello everyone,

Today I’m doing a bit better than yesterday. I went to bed after 12:00 last night because the kids (dogs) seem to be easier to get to lay down. My dog nephew is still whining for his mommy (my sis). I feel so bad. Today, I went out and fed the turtles. I put up some laundry and did some of my own laundry. Goodness knows I needed to do it! I made 14 egg sandwiches (here’s the recipe), 12 of which are refrigerated for future consumption. I did dishes and cleaned some of the wood furniture. I feel really good that I got some work done.

I have a session for hand therapy tomorrow at 1:00 and I am going to have to leave the kids for over an hour. I know they will be fine, but it’s so hard to leave them. I will also have to do more chores tomorrow before I go. My parents might come back tomorrow, but I’m not sure. I hope so though.

I did get some good news today. I am a writer on The Awakened Network. Although I am not paid, it is a step to showing my work. They are going to be looking to pay writers in the future and I might be one of those. I posted my first article and it is called Crystal Quartz, my favorite stone. I still have to think of more subjects for more articles. Please let me know what you think of the article if you read it. Thanks for visiting!



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