Working on resume and other stuff

Hello everyone,

Well I have been busy working on my resume. I have needed to update it for a long time. The last time I did was in 2014. So I updated it yesterday and made a master resume. It’s recommended now that you make one and do targeted resumes. It’s also recommended that you make a personalized website for yourself and resume. Since I’m starting to write articles for The Awakened Network and am taking my writing more seriously, I am thinking about doing so. I do have a account, however, I have never used it. What do you think?

Today, we started watching my nephew for the last week before he goes to daycare. He’s behaving badly as usual. However, it might be because he is sick as well. I’m feeling bad too. I hope I am not getting his illness. I have my b-day this week and plan to celebrate my b-day lunch/dinner with my sis and her family and my parents this Saturday.

The house is almost finished. So we might be moving in at the end of June or early July. So I better be packing up books and other stuff. I can’t believe that we will be moving to a new house and out of our rental. Thank goodness!

Well that is it for now. I will talk soon!



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