What a day

Hello everyone,

Well I woke up with my migraine still the same. So my dad and I went to the E.R. and were there for about 3 hours. Surprisingly, I was the first in the E.R. You hardly ever see that! So I went in and was poked three times before they finally could draw blood. They ended up giving me some compazine (I think I spelled that right) and benedryl through an iv. It helped, but made me very sleepy. I still have some of my headache, but it isn’t as bad that I want to take my head off. The doctor did give me some compazine tablets, so I do have some reinforcements, which is good because my b-day is on June 3rd. I will be 34! Still can’t believe it! I get my present to myself soon. Yay! Anyway, that is all for now. Talk soon!



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