Ahhh! I have such sucky health!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t really talked a lot about my health in the past few days. Mostly because I really have been too busy doing other things. However, I have had a lot of issues with pain and what looked like a rash underneath my right buttock. Yeah I know, it’s probably TMI. At first it wasn’t too bad. It started about five days ago and we (my parents, who happen to be retired nurses) thought it was a pimple. However, it increased. The pain increased and I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I can’t walk on the right side without pain. I can’t sit without pain. I can’t lay on my back or right side without pain.

So today I went to the E.R. I was impressed, by the way, I was in and out underneath an hour. I apparently have the shingles. I am going to my dermatologist on Monday to verify it, but that is what they diagnosed it as. I am upset and am hoping that this will go away very soon. I never imagined that this would happen. I hope any of you never get this. Well, I’m getting off. I was given a pain medicine and am getting very sleepy. Didn’t sleep to well either. Talk soon.



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