Dr. Oz’s Advice

Hello everyone,

Well I try to watch Dr. Oz everyday. Him and Dr. Phil are my favorite daytime shows. Anyway, Dr. Oz had some good topics on his show today. One was about the Thyroid (which is a type of gland in our bodies) and the other was about two types of weight loss surgery. I have Hypothyroidism which means that my Thyroid gland is small and deformed. I have to take a medicine to regulate it. Some of the advice that was given was to take iodine (a little table salt) and get zinc.

He also featured two women who were having two different weight loss surgeries. One was having the gastric balloon surgery and the other the gastric sleeve (which is the one I am wanting to get). I got to watch both and I am still thinking that the gastric sleeve would be right for me. I am glad I got to see the show today. I learned a lot. I go to see the bariatric surgeon in August. So long! Can’t wait! Well I will update soon!



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