How it is going

Hi everyone,

So far the shingles is still causing me a lot of pain. A lady posted that the antiviral took about 72 hours to work. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. I feel like crap. My right side is just giving me a whole lot of problems. To take my mind off the issue, I am creating my personal portfolio. I learned html and css way back when I was in high school. I had to go back and look at Webmonkey to look over some of the tags, but overall I remember most of it. I am hoping that I will do a good job. It will mostly feature my articles. I am focusing on my writing capabilities. I have been thinking about going back to college and getting a degree in English. So I am going to think about that after we move. Well, I hope I feel better tomorrow. If you have any advice regarding shingles, let me know. I’d appreciate it.



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