My half-year goals

Hey everyone,

Usually around my birthday (since it’s about the half of the year) I take a look at my yearly goals and reassess and sometimes make new goals. So here are some of my goals of the half-year:

  1. Start work on my novel. (I have a couple of chapters on it, but it’s just stopped. Got to start work on it again.)
  2. Finish my 40 book goal for the year. Got 7 more books! Yay!
  3. Try to finish my book list that I have made. Here is the link to it. A lot of books. I’ll damn well try.
  4. Change myself to get the Bariatric surgery. I see the surgeon in August. I know I will have to change myself not just for the surgery, but for life as well.
  5. Cook more for myself and my family. I need to cook more for myself and my family and learn to make more healthier meals.
  6. Finish my children’s book. Started a children’s book and am almost done. Need to end it.
  7. Get a job as a writer. I’m really serious about getting a job as a writer. I know I don’t have much professional experience, but I have plenty of experience being a writer.

Anyway, those are my goals for the rest of the year. Have a good one!



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