Thank goodness this day is over

Hello everyone,

Today has been a frigging hell of a day. We moved from our rental house to the house that we now own. We were not too happy with the moving company. Usually the experiences we have had with the moving companies in the past have been good ones. They have provided good customer service. However, this one just did not. They did not wear any booties inside the houses. When bringing in the washer, they spilled water on the carpet. I had to ask someone to help my dad hook up the dryer because he needed help. Usually a moving company will help hook up the washer and dryer for you. At least we have experienced that in the past. They were very rude, at least a few of them were. They didn’t bring any extra boxes to help us pack and wouldn’t pack uncovered boxes on the truck. They only brought one truck. They left over six boxes of books for me to have to take over to our new house. It goes on. Moving day is typically a stressful day and these people made it more stressful. I’ll be glad when the week is over. Tonight is my first night in the house. I’m a little nervous, but will be sleeping on my same bed. Different place. Just got to get used to it. Well I will talk soon.



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