It’s been a rough one

Hey everyone,

Well this week has been a rough one. Today I went and saw the headache specialist. He was a very nice doctor and is really giving me a lot of options for my headaches. He has to talk to my neurologist for a couple of my options, but has started me on a medication for my headaches and migraines. He said if either option or the medication he has given me does not work, then the next possible option is botox. I am nervous because he told me it is like 31 shots in a 3-6 month period. However, I will see. We also had my nephew over today. He was sick. For once, we got him to take a nap. I also had a nap today since I didn’t sleep too well last night. I’m glad I will be able to sleep through in the morning. Tomorrow, I am going to get my hair cut. Goodness knows I need it. I am also going to visit Michaels. I am planning to illustrate my children’s book since getting it illustrated would take over $2000 dollars plus published. It’s just crazy. This month I’m participating in Camp Nanowrimo and am writing a short story. I have tons of other stories I am working on plus my novel. I am looking forward to new inspiration. Anyway, that’s a little of what is going on right now. I will update soon.



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