Updates in my life

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I have been busy with a lot of things. While in Beckley my Dad and Uncle Bob managed to sell my Grandma’s house. It did not sell for a great price, but at least it sold and we will not have to go down and take care of it anymore. I saw my friend and she was doing good. I was glad to see her and I missed her so much. Next month is Pagan Pride Day and I will be picking her up the day before and she will be staying with us. I can’t wait!

On a down note, while I have been here at home I have been really upset with myself and depressed. I weighed myself yesterday and found that I am 275 lbs. I go next month to see Dr. Tabone, the bariatric surgeon. I am seeing the effects that my weight is having on me. I don’t think that people see the internal as well as the external effects that weight gain has on a person. I didn’t become this way because I wanted to. There were events that led to the gain. I look forward to seeing Dr. Tabone on the 5th on next month.

Well that is all for now on my update. I will talk soon. Have a good one everybody!



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