Got lots to do today

Hey everyone,

Well today is a bit of a busy day. I am going to see the optometrist to get my eyes tested and see about getting new glasses. It’s been two years…maybe three since I have had new ones. If I can afford it, I will try to get the transition ones. So my appointment is at 5:00 pm. I have to leave an 1 and 1/2 before then because my parents are going to leave to pick up my nephew and to get out we have to shut the dogs up in my parents bathroom. It’s crazy.

I also have to return a package. While I’m there I am going to see if they have stamps, both regular and global. I probably will still be early, so I might browse at Books-A-Million. Probably won’t get anything, but will take a look.

Hopefully, my eyes won’t have changed too much. That’s the last thing I need. I am near-sighted and have astigmatism. So I am looking to get just one pair of glasses this time if they are expensive. If they are cheap, I will get two. I hate picking out glasses. It seems to take forever. However, the positive is that the optometrist I went to is the same my dad went to and they got his done in no time.

After I see them I have to go to Walgreens and get stuff from there. What a busy day I am going to have. Ugh. I hate busy days. Well, that’s all to report for now. I will try to let you all now how the appointment turned out tonight. Have a good one!



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