I’ve been really lazy lately

Hey everyone,

Over the past week or so I have just been feeling bad. This is in part to the fact that I have daily headaches and just haven’t been feeling well. I don’t know why. I have been sleeping a lot during the day and just feel like doing nothing. I don’t know if I have an imbalance or what in my body. I don’t know why I am feeling lazy, but I am going to try to get myself back in order. I think part of it could be that the stress of the move is starting to wind down and maybe my body is trying to catch up with all the hours of lost sleep. Who knows?

Yesterday, BTW, I went to the optometrist and everything is great. My eye strength is still the same and my eyes are healthy. I didn’t get any glasses, but I will be looking at Walmart since I got a prescription from the optometrist.

I have to get my drivers license tomorrow. Going to go in the afternoon. Not looking forward to the wait, but got to get the change nonetheless. So anyway, that’s all that is new with me. I will update soon.



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