A pretty good day

Hello everyone,

Well aside from my son (aka one of my three Yorkies) getting me up about three to five times during the night, I have had a pretty good day. I went out pretty early this morning because I couldn’t sleep. I went to the DMV, but I didn’t have the right paperwork for the license. (UGH!) So next I went to Walgreen’s and got my medicine and some other stuff. After that I stopped at the post office and returned a package. I also got some global and regular stamps. Then I went to Walmart and picked out some glasses for myself. Thank goodness! One pair is a regular pair. They are titanium and are blue. They cost $98 plus the plan. I also got a pair of prescription sunglasses which are really cool. The frames were cheap, $15 dollars, and they are blue and brown. The lenses will be grey. I didn’t have to pay for the frames because there was a 20% discount if you buy a cheaper pair of frames. There was a discount on the plan, so I basically paid $20 dollars less on the plan and the frames were free. Cool! I should be getting them both next week. I look so forward to getting new ones and saying goodbye to my beat up old sunglasses that I have had to wear over my glasses for so long.

Dad and I went out and saw Ghostbusters. It was hilarious. We had so much fun! I definitely enjoyed Melissa McCarthy in the movie. All the women were great and it wasn’t a remake. It was a reinterpretation. I think that a sequel would definitely be worth it. Three of the original Ghostbusters were in it, not spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it. You definitely have to see it! You will love it!

Well that is how my day has gone so far. Besides a constant headache, I would say it’s been pretty good. Hope you have a good one too!



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