What the heck is going on?

Hey everyone,

Today there has been another terrorist attack in the world. This time in Munich, Germany. You can see an article about it here. What the heck is going on? Has the world lost its mind? They say that ISIS is behind this terrorist attack. We need to find the bastards and bomb the hell out of them in my opinion. This is ridiculous. The thing is that ISIS is not just in the Middle East, it is also in the U.S. and Europe as well. We should first come together as nations and collaborate on aliens entering our countries. I’m sure there are already certain standards, but we need to up them. I’m not saying to discriminate, though it probably seems that way, but we need to protect ourselves. Europe needs to protect themselves as well! Everybody does! And once the aliens come, we need to keep tabs on them. I’m not saying follow them around day and night. I’m saying check up on them maybe every six months to see what they are doing. See what they say they are doing in our countries match what they said they were going to do. So if an alien comes over to get education or a job, they need to be checked to see that they are attending school or at least trying to get a job if they don’t have one. This is a crisis and we need to protect ourselves. If we don’t, who knows what is next. Please don’t take what I am saying as discrimination or racism, because that is hardly what I am saying. We and our fellow countries all over the world, need to up our security methods. This is for our safety. I’ll be praying for the Munich families and I hope you will too.



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