Been a long week

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted much so far. It’s been a very long week for me. On Monday, it was my sister’s birthday and we didn’t know until about 11:00 that we were going to surprise her with a pizza and cake party. So we picked up my nephew and had him out for a little while then it rained like crazy and my poor sister got drenched helping us get into her house. We had a good time though. We went to Walmart before hand and got a card for my nephew to sign and a present to give to her from him. It was so cute. He said, ‘I got this from Walmart.’ We all laughed.

Tuesday, we went out and took care of some stuff relating to the house. We will be getting the blinds installed on the 9th of August. OMG, I have to wait two more weeks. It’s worth it though. We had lunch at Garfield’s. I also went to Elder-Beerman with my mom and got two silk nightgowns. I call them silkies because when I was little my sister and I would love to run around with my mother’s silk night gowns around our necks and take them everywhere. You don’t often find the type I like too often.

Wednesday was a lazy day. Mostly slept during the day with a bad migraine. If the headaches and migraines don’t get better, I am seriously considering Botox treatments.

Thursday, I got a message from one of my best friends to call her about an issue she was having. We spent over an hour talking on the phone. I go down in August to pick up one of my other friends to stay with me in Morgantown for Pagan Pride Day, however, I promised my other friend that I would stay with her the night before. So I am looking forward to go down on the 25th and seeing her and her family.

The Harry Potter book is coming out on Sunday, so I am waiting excitedly for that. Don’t know what else is going on this weekend. Well, I will update you soon. Have a good one!



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