It’s August!

Hey everyone,

Well let me go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Lammas! Lammas is a Pagan/Wiccan holiday that celebrates one of the harvest festivals. So even if you’re not a Pagan or Wiccan, I still hope you have a good one!

I didn’t update you on the Harry Potter mania. Well I didn’t get the book on the night of because there was rain and I wasn’t going to go out in the rain when there are crazy people on the interstate and the roads are slick. So I went on the 31st and got the book. I loved the book. It is in play format. So you may not like it that way, but I loved reading it in a different format. I read it in about three hours. I posted a review on my blog Reading is Love. You can find a link under my links section on the side of the page. Warning, if you have not read it, then you are in for a spoiler.

Today I got my new Wacom tablet. A Wacom tablet is basically a digital drawing pad. I got one so I can start working on drawings for my children’s book. I am still getting used to it, however, I think over the next few days I will start to get the feel for it.

This week I see Dr. Tabone, the bariatric surgeon, on Friday. I am nervous, but excited. I really can’t wait to see him. I am hoping all goes well on Friday. I checked my weight and found out that I am 281 lbs. I have gained weight and am rather depressed.

Well, that is it for now. I will update soon.



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