It’s been a few, sorry

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry it’s been a few since I have posted. Life has just been going up and down for me. Well today was a pretty good day. I got up early with my parents and went to Bridgeport, WV to a quilt show with them. I’m not big into quilts like they are, but it got us out of the house and they were excited to do something rather than sit around all day. They’re were some pretty quilts at the show though. I saw one that had a skeleton on it. I like skeletons and skulls. It’s one of my things.

So after that we went to D.J.’s 50s and 60s Diner. It was our second time and it was as good as the first. Go to to see my review of it. We then went to Barnes & Noble and purchased some books to support the Rainelle Library. The people of Rainelle, WV lost their library in a flood. So we wanted to help by buying some books to help contribute money to the cause. I’m hoping that they get enough money to start rebuilding soon.

The week has been okay. I just have to do better next week considering food choices. Which I will update you on tomorrow. Have a good night.



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