New news on my weight loss efforts

Hey everyone,

Well today I had my first appointment with my dietician over the phone. I joined this program called Good Measures. The dietician calls you and checks up on you. You talk about your goals and how you have been doing basically. My first appointment I basically answered questions and we talked about my goals and what my problems were and issues were. I like the dietician I have. She is very nice. She said for one week to measure my portions. It didn’t matter that it was the regular amount that I had, but that it would show the size I was eating and that would help me realize what I was eating in reality. So tomorrow I am going to start measuring my portion sizes. I’ve never done so before, so here goes.

I haven’t weighed myself since a few days back. Last time I weighed myself I gained two pounds. Ugh. So I will try to weigh myself in the morning before I eat breakfast. I usually get up around 4:00-5:00 in the morning and eat breakfast and take my meds. So I might not remember. So anyway, that’s all for now. I got more work to do. I will update soon!



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