A rough day

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a very rough day for me and that is probably why I didn’t post. I’ve been having ankle pain as part of the issue, but more or less the reason why it was rough was emotional pain. I spent most of the day in. I made smoothies for myself to have for breakfast. I’m trying to be productive and a little more healthier. 🙂 Gotta get more fresh fruit on Saturday. Anyway, I made pork chops (according to my mother’s recipe) which turned out so tender and baked potatoes (not the kind that you traditionally have, you can find the recipe on Sassafrasandlemongrass.com).

Anyway, my mom and dad took my nephew out to the farmers market and when they got home (around 5:00) we ate and I had my meds. My sister texted that she needed someone to come over and to babysit my nephew for a few while she gets his meds. Turns out she wants me to come. So I went out and went to her house and babysat him for about 20 minutes. He was happy to see me and I was happy to see him.

When she got back she asked me about my bariatric surgeon appointment. I told her about what happened and that there was only one surgery available to me. I also told her about the programs I was taking part in and that I was going to see a specialist in November or December (can’t remember which). I then got into how I was feeling about different symptoms that I had been having and that I thought I needed to talk to my endocrinologist about upping my medication because it just seems that the symptoms are linked to my thyroid disease. I was telling her I was having depression and that was when she got in to it about how I needed to exercise to relieve my depression, blah, blah, blah.

Well I went home and explained it to my mother and we were talking about the surgery and she was saying that I probably wouldn’t be able to get it. Oh I was so upset. I went upstairs to take a shower and cried, which I don’t often do. Later, after being alone for a while I explained to my mother that after my sister’s negativity, I really needed her for support.

What my sister and people don’t understand is that there are more factors to weight loss than food and exercise. I agree that I do need to work exercise in. I am still working on it, but don’t beat it on that person. It will make them feel ashamed of themselves.

That is my thoughts for now. I have to take the car in for it’s work up. Talk soon.



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