Gosh, what a day

Hey everyone,

Well today has been okay. We picked up my nephew this afternoon and everything started to go crazy. I went in and he was so happy to see me. I picked him up and gave him a hug. It was around snack time, so he was hungry. Once I had him use the bathroom and he was getting his blanket aka Mitebite (that’s what he named his blanket since goodness knows when), I asked the lady if I could take some grapes with me since he was hungry and she gave me some in a cup. Nice people at the preschool.

So today was his daddy’s b-day. His mom and dad went across the street (sort of, you have to go this long road to get to our house) to a restaurant to have drinks. So during that time we went to Walmart. Well his daddy likes carrot cake. We went there, got the stuff we needed, and came back to the house. My mom was making quesadillas. We couldn’t find the carrot cake. I go back to Walmart. This woman at the station where I had been tells me to go get another one and I have to wait for her to come back, then she asks me if I am sure that it wasn’t in my car. Lady, do you think I would come back to cheat you all for another carrot cake? Maybe for a tv or a video game set, but not a damn carrot cake! (I’m being sarcastic about the tv and video game set of course. I have better things to do than be in jail.)

Anyway, I get home, have the carrot cake put in the fridge, and of course my nephew is acting up. He wants to operate the shredder and shred paper. So after he shreds what we give him he tries to shred stuff we need. We put him in time out and he starts screaming, well that upsets my dog, Wally (aka my fur son). He starts barking.

Then my sister and her husband comes. My nephew’s time out is over, but Wally is still upset. We have cake and still he is upset. What really pisses me off is that my brother-in-law teases Wally while I am holding him. When he is upset he can bite at people. I’ve received bites, so have my dad and mom. He doesn’t do it to be mean, he just is upset. So I end up having to take Wally upstairs till they leave.

I’m just glad the day is over with. Well that is all to report now. I will talk soon.



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