I’m Back

Hello everyone,

Well I am back from my visit to my friend in Oak Hill. I ended up staying two days instead of taking my other friend up. I got sort of angry with her and ended up missing Pagan Pride Day. I will go next year though. Tomorrow I am going to a comic convention called PopCon though. So I am really excited about that. I can’t wait! I hope they have some Hellboy comics.

Anyway, I stayed two days at my friend’s house. I saw her kids. Both are under three. One is eight months and the other is almost three. The one who is almost three kept calling me ‘Aunt Serenity,’ because my friend encouraged it. I felt so honored. I had got some gifts for her and her kids. Her boyfriend and future husband is so nice and we are going to get along very good.

We went to Tamarack yesterday as an outing before her boyfriend and father of the children had to go to work. We had so much fun. I got some crystals for my rituals and spells. We got to see glass being blown for ornaments. We saw pottery, wood kitchen tools, books, etc… Tamarack is an all WV art place where they sell things like handmade pottery, glass, quilts, etc… If you are ever in Beckley, WV go visit it. It’s pricey, I won’t lie, but it’s worth the visit.

I plan to go down in October to see her. We are going to go to a book fair in Charleston hopefully. I would love to stay another two days with her and her family. I loved visiting her, but I am glad to be home too. I slept on a futon, which was a little rough. The drive up and down was also a little rough. My back and neck are a little sore. I’m glad to be in my bed tonight.

So that’s it for now. Have a good one everybody!



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