What a great day!

Hey everyone,

Well I had such a great today! Today, I went to WV PopCon. It is a comic book convention. Here are some pictures that I took:

There were a lot of people there dressed up. I was really happy that I got to go. The first thing I went to see was the comic books. I found that there were practically no Dark Horse Comics. I did get one Hellboy comic. I also got a pack of four Sailor Moon comics. It just seems that people are all about DC and Marvel. I have nothing against either, but Dark Horse Comics is such a great producer of such comics as Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, etc…

I ended up buying my parents Star Wars oven mitts and a coin purse. I also went to an artist who made an Ankh necklace from a cross keychain. I love it. He is a fellow Wiccan and I was just so impressed by him. He was really easy to talk to. He makes chainmail artwork and I recommend going to his website at: http://www.fb.com/knightsoftheclassroom. It’s amazing some of the artwork he makes.

At the Star Wars booth, I was surprised that they had an actual working copy of R2-D2. It was really cool. At the Ghostbusters booth, they had some people who had the actual packs that lit up.

I definitely am going back. If you are a Hellboy fan though, go to Amazon. They have good prices. That was the only thing that disappointed me. Talk soon everyone!



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