Last of the month

Hey everyone,

I really haven’t been too active in the last few days. Getting back into things. On Monday, I talked to my dietician and I always feel encouragement from her after I talk with her. I found out on Monday that at the WVU Rec Center, regular people, not students, can get a guest pass for one day for $10 dollars. The facilities include a swimming pool (big yay!), an indoor track, workout equipment, and more. I am going to order a new bathing suit tomorrow and hopefully next week I will start swimming. I will only be able to go twice a week, but it’s worth it. I will start bicycling at home on my indoor bicycle during the week. I’ve gained some weight, so hopefully with going to the WVU Rec Center, this will help me while I watch my food intake. I can’t wait to swim! It’s my favorite exercise!

I saw my general physician today and she has scheduled me for a sleep test. I’m afraid I have sleep apnea. I hope I don’t, but we will see. They are supposed to call me and schedule it sometime. So let’s hope that will be soon. I really hate not knowing if I have sleep issues or not.

Well, next month starts tomorrow and I got to start setting more goals. I will update soon!



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