Ughh…so pissed off!

Hey everyone,

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t updated lately. Just have been busy with watching my sister’s dog and a lot of other crap going on. Well I ordered two swimsuits from Amazon. The first one came and it was a size Small. The next one came and I made sure it was the right size and it still doesn’t fit me. So when I go out tomorrow I am going to go do some looking around. Go to Walmart, Cato’s, Belk, Sears, etc… to find a swimming suit! I’m not ordering any more clothes online from Amazon. I just don’t know the brands. I have to return the swimsuits tomorrow to get my money back. This just really sucks. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to find one. Until then I will walk the dogs and exercise on the bike. Also on Sunday I go and have my sleep study done. I’m a bit nervous about that, but I will know if I have sleep apnea or not. Well that’s it for now. I will update soon.



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