A good day overall

Hey everyone,

Well today was a pretty good day overall. I went this morning to the WVU Rec Center. I didn’t walk the track, but I did go swimming. I did ten laps which was pretty good considering that I haven’t swam for at least three years. My muscles in my arms and legs are sore since I hadn’t exercised them there in a long while. Hopefully by going twice a week I can build them back up again.

Unfortunately, my dad was sick and he didn’t go with me. I took him to the WVU Urgent Care and had to wait about two and a half hours for him to get out. It was crazy. However, I’m glad he got what he needed.

I got my fourth medical and billing coding book. Next month I will see about ordering more plus the coding books I need. Tomorrow I am going to try to start studying. I have four months to get ready to take the exam for 2017 and get a job. This is really important to me. I haven’t had a job since 2012 and I really want a job again.

So anyway, I plan to go back to the rec center on Friday. Hopefully my dad will feel good enough to go. I know he will like the pool. Well, that’s it for now. Talk soon!



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