My first Finding Wellness session

Hey everyone,

Well I briefly talked about the Finding Wellness program. I started the Finding Wellness program today. Basically it was an introduction into the program and a class on mindful eating. The first thing I did was receive a folder, put on a name tag, and fill out a questionnaire. After filling out the questionnaire I was weighed and my height measured. I also was given a gift card for Kroger.

It was about 5:00 pm when the presentation started. We began to go over the information in the slides and talked pretty freely between the dietician, who was presenting, and everyone who was there. I met two ladies who were very nice. I enjoyed their company and they were fun to talk to. We took a break to stretch. We also had a part of the session called Food Factor (a take off Fear Factor) where you eat a new type of food you never have had before. The one we had was sprout bread. It was really good. We also were given two little tubs of herbs. One, was an Italian mix, the other was spearmint. The dietician was teaching us to use our senses in a way of mindful eating. I learned a lot this session and am looking forward to the next one. I will update you then.



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