What a frigging long day!

Hey everyone,

I had such a frigging long day today. I woke up and had my breakfast and went to check my email on my cellphone. Well my cellphone went whack. I’ve been having problems with my cellphone for a long while now. So I tried to go to the settings and reset it to the factory settings. Well that didn’t work. It went to the red Verizon screen. I woke up around 4:00, which I usually do every morning, and I went down around 10:00 and found it was still on the red screen. So I was really pissed. Today I planned to go to the Rec Center and try to find the library at the Evansdale Campus. Well I went to Verizon first. I spent two hours at Verizon. The guy tried to file a claim first. It didn’t go through because I had a crack on the screen. So we went through this crap where I had to pay off the phone. I got a new phone, plus a screen protector for the new one and a cover for it. They also gave me a free tablet, but you pay $3 dollars extra a month.

So after all that hassle I finally go down to the Rec Center and get in my 12 laps in the swimming pool. My legs, arms, and back are sore. Friday, I am going back to the Rec Center to get in my two times of swimming a week. Going to try to go early and find the library to get some studying done for my Medical Billing and Coding exam. Anyway, that’s it for now. Have a good one.



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