Productive yet sucky day

Hello everyone,

Well first I have good news! I have lost a pound! I am now 278.6 lbs! Last week I was 279, so this is a huge score for me. I think swimming is helping along with my food choices. When I talked to my Good Measures counselor last I asked her to lower my daily calories to 1850 as a goal. So I am definitely looking forward to losing another pound by next week. Yay!

So today I went over to the Evansdale Campus Library. Yes. I finally found it. I got out and was able to study. The house is just too crazy to give me any study time. So I had to get out and study. I still have a lot of notes to write from one chapter and am ready to go on to another. I am slowly but surely moving on. Plus I am typing exercises from the different chapters and saving them on my computer. This way I can have them to practice with before the exam.

My day has been sucky because all day I have had a friggin headache. Please go away headache! Please! I beg you! It just won’t! I’ve taken everything I can think of. I’ve used ice packs. I don’t know what else to do. Goodness help me. Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Talk soon.



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