What a crappy day for me

Hey everyone,

Well today has just been a really crappy day. First, I left this morning and went to the Rec Center and realized as I was walking to the Women’s locker room that I forgot my swimsuit. So no swimming today. I did study at the library and did some walking to make up for my no swimming, but I was so pissed at myself. On Thursday, I am going to try to double my laps, but I don’t know if I am going to be able to make it. I’ll try though.

Today, I also had my second Finding Wellness class. It was fun and we got free measuring cups with it. We talked about portion sizes and how food looks to our eyes. After I left the Finding Wellness class I had to go to Sam’s and get dog pads, cheese, and bacon bits. So after that I hit the interstate. This is about 6:30 pm when people are crazy on the interstate. I almost got ran over by a damned garbage truck because it wouldn’t slow down or get in the other lane.

I’m a little moody today and just haven’t had a good day overall. I do take my first dose of my new headache medicine tonight that will also help with the sleep. So lets hope it will. I’m also going to take melatonin as well. Tomorrow, I’m just going to relax. Anyway, that’s all for now. Talk soon.



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