What a frustrating day

Hey everyone,

Today has been a bit frustrating for me. I went to the Rec Center for my bi-weekly swim. I got up to 14 laps this time. Yay! I then went to the library and studied for over an hour. It’s something I try to do every time I go for my swims. So that was good. What’s frustrating you may ask? Well, I gained a pound. My weight is 279.8 lbs. I also found out that the bumper on my car is dented. This happened before we went to my Granny’s and I didn’t notice it. Ugh! I am so damned mad! What is wrong with people today?! You can’t leave a note on the car or something. I know car insurance rates are important, but have some morals people. It’s rude and unethical to just hit and run. I wouldn’t do that and I hope the person who did what they did to my car gets what they deserve. I wish no harm, but as we say in Wicca, ‘what you send out comes back times three.’ Basically meaning that if you do positive, it will come back to you three times as strong. Same thing for negative. Think of it as karma. Anyway, that’s all for now. I have some work to do. Talk soon.



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