Hello everyone,

Gosh I am aching so much. Today was a really busy day for me. I went to the Rec Center and did 14 laps. I then went to the library and studied for about an hour. I then decided I would go shopping since my check came in, well one of them. So I went and got some lotions at Bath and Body Works. I love their shea lotions and their body washes. The best ones are in the blue bottles. Anyway, after that I went to Lane Bryant and got a new pair of workout pants and two shirts that will work for both workout shirts and regular shirts. Then I went to Walmart and had my hair cut. Thank goodness! My hair had been heavy and weighing my head down. I had it layered and cut half an inch. So my adventure today has made me very achy. Not to mention that I woke up during the night and I pulled a muscle in my upper leg. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Anyway, that’s it for now.



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