Welcome October

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I just have had a lot going on and have been trying to keep up with my weight issues and all that. I went to the dermatologist today. Good news. My folliculitis (I think that is how it is spelled) has not come back, however, my mom spotted some spots popping up behind my ears. So the doctor is ordering some shampoo. Bad news though, the shampoo isn’t covered. So the pharmacist is going to see if she can get a hold of the doctor to get another medicine. Hopefully, that will be done soon.

I checked my weight today. I am back down to 278.7 lbs. Yay! I just got to keep going and make good food choices. On Saturday I ordered a steamer insert and some trays from Amazon.com. I really think the trays will help me portion my dinner meals. Yes they are kid trays, but it will help me. The steamer insert will help a lot because steaming is a healthier alternative. Both should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait!

October is here. It is my favorite month for many reasons. 1. Fall is here. 2. Halloween is my favorite holiday. 3. Samhain is my favorite Sabbat. 4. The weather is getting colder (I hate the heat).

So that’s it for now. I will talk soon!



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