Hey everyone,

Well I am sorry I haven’t posted lately. It’s been up and down for me lately. My last Finding Wellness class was on Tuesday of this week and was glad it ended, but sort of not. I met a lot of nice people and the dieticians were very nice. I learned a lot from them. There is a support group that meets on the third Thursday of every month called Keeping Wellness. So starting next month I am going to do that.

So why am I worried? Well my ear is starting to hurt really bad now and I really haven’t got over the cold that I had. I’ve been off the antibiotic they gave me since a few days ago, maybe one or two, and the pain is coming back. It may be from where I grind my teeth. I do catch myself doing that. So I will take some NyQuil and some Aspirin to see if maybe that is what is going on. I just hope this isn’t an ear infection.

I go see my BFF Danielle in 14 days and I have several projects to finish for her. I am knitting a lap blanket (I am on row 3 of 7 rows), embroidering 2 towels, and am going to try to make a set of four scarves from the leftover yarn from the blanket project. I am hoping to be done with the blanket this weekend, latest by Monday. I am hoping to be done with the first towel by Monday or Tuesday. Got a lot to do before I see her on the 3rd.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I will update soon. Promise!



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