Thinking about my health

Hello everyone,

Well October is coming to a close in five days. I can’t believe that it is coming to an end so quick. Still got so much to do. Anyway, I have been doing a lot of research on food and diets that might help me with my path. I came across the Whole 30 diet in my Finding Wellness class when we were discussing diet myths. The Whole 30 basically takes you off of dairy, grains, pasta, bread, and the unnatural stuff. I plan to start it the week after next since I am going down to see my BFF Danielle and I know I am going to indulge down there. The plan is basically about getting your system healthy again and then reintroducing the dairy, grains, and wheat back into your body to see if you might have issues with some of them. I basically will be without milk, cheese, pasta, and bread for 30 days! This will be tough! However, it’s for my body and it is important to me that I get this weight off me before I try bariatric surgery. Anyway, that’s all I am thinking of for now. I will talk soon.



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