I’m back from my mini-vacation

Hello everyone,

Well I’m back from my mini-vacation. It was good to get away from my parents and to see my BFF Danielle, her fiance, and kids. The only bad thing is that I had a bad headache over the course of the time there and I had to leave at 7:00 this morning to drive up. I felt bad because I didn’t stay to tell the babies goodbye. The fog was terrible driving up. It didn’t let up till probably around 9:30 and I got home about 10:30. Before I stopped at Flatwoods, WV (which takes about an hour to get to from Oak Hill) I went to Tudor’s Biscuit World and got a sandwich. On my way I had to listen to music. I swear that I would have fallen asleep if I didn’t have music on and slapped my face a few times. After Flatwoods, I was good. Got me some caffeine, migraine pills, cough drops, cinnamon buns as a treat for my parents and me, then got back on the road. I was glad to get back home, but so disappointed that I couldn’t stay an extra day. I love my BFF and if I had an ice pack or extra medicine for injection, I probably could have made it. I won’t be able to see her for a while. I can’t wait till I see her again.

So that’s a little about my trip. I hope you all have had a good weekend so far. Talk soon.



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