A damned bad day

Hey everyone,

Well today hasn’t been the best day for me. It started out with a real bad headache. I had basically had a headache since Thursday night. So I tried ice packs to see if it would help. Of course, I took medicine and that was a no go. So I knew I was having a migraine. Four days and no relief. I went to the E.R. My dad took me, thank goodness. We went in and they gave me some medicines for my migraine and one medicine that made me sleepy. They also put me on fluids. It was hard to wait all that time for the IV fluids to go through. We were there about 2 and 1/2 hours. However, it was well worth it. I am glad that I don’t have the severe pain that I had earlier, but it was a waste of a day. Anyway, that’s all. Talk soon!



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