Another bad day

Hello everyone,

Today was another bad day for me. I got up early this morning and got something to eat. I was shaking a little bit and thought it was my blood sugar. So I ate some cheese sticks before I went upstairs. So before I turned out the light to go upstairs I had a seizure. Later today I had another seizure. This upsets me so much. I have been seizure-free for over a year and all the sudden I had two seizures. I don’t know why. I am not going to be able to drive for a while. This upsets me as well. Oh well. Hopefully, I will be driving soon.



5 thoughts on “Another bad day

  1. nursesnotions says:

    I can’t say I know how you feel because despite having epilepsy, every person and every situation is different. However, I feel I can somewhat relate. Approximately every 6 months or so like clock work I have a seizure. I go through the process of getting excited about driving and then BAM I have a seizure and getting discouraged all over again. It’s understandable to be upset and discouraged, but don’t give up hope. I live by the quote, one bad day doesn’t make a bad life. It helps me get through some rough times. So hang in there, let yourself deal with your emotions, but don’t forget to enjoy life and the little things. Driving is one of the few things that bothers me about my epilepsy nowadays, however when I get upset about it I try to think….well at least I don’t have to pay for gas, or insurance, or I can get more exercise by walking or biking to more places. Little things like that make it easier. I wish you the best. Check out my blog, I have a few posts about epilepsy there including: you never know who’s listening, seizure first aid, epilepsy awareness.


    • pyriterenny says:

      Thanks. Sometimes I forget to be appreciative of what I do have in life. I had gone 18 months without a seizure. We still don’t know what caused it, but the doctor thinks it might have been a UTI. Whatever it was, I am going to have to work my way back up to six months again. Again thank you for your thoughts.


      • nursesnotions says:

        Understandably so, after I have a seizure I always get upset, and it’s completely and 100% normal! You’re allowed to be upset and feel you’re feelings. Most days out of the year, I don’t have a seizures, I have one about every 6 months, so I often feel that I should be happy despite not driving, because I know there are people who have them daily and I’m fortunate that I”m able to work. However, it doesn’t work like that…I”m human! I wanna drive, I wanna be independent. We’re human, we have feelings and emotions. It’s okay to get sad and upset. Just don’t let it consume you. And just take it one day at a time. It may seem like 6 months is so far away, it always does for me, but my 6 months is coming up in January and it has literally flown by. I’m sure if you keep your mind off it, then it’ll do the same for you.


      • pyriterenny says:

        I won’t let it consume me. It just upsets me that after 18 months I had a seizure and I don’t know why. I take three meds plus have a Vagal Nerve Stimulator inside me. The neurologist did an MRI of my brain before they did the VNS surgery in 2013 and they said I had a scar on my brain. It can’t be removed unfortunately. I’m just going to have to deal with it like I usually do. I just want to know what caused it. I took my meds. What caused it? Was it a fluke? But I got to concentrate on the future. I’ll get back to driving soon. Thanks for the support and I love your blog.


      • nursesnotions says:

        Yea, I understand that feeling of helplessness and questioning of why? what did I do? what did it happen? My triggers are mostly sleep deprivation and stress and I’ve gotten pretty good at managing them, but that every 6 months I have a seizure and I try to think…well maybe I didn’t sleep good? Sometimes they can’t be explained. We do everything right and our epilepsy just says “screw you!” but we get up and fight another day. I definitely know what you mean though when you wanna know what caused it. I’ve had epilepsy for 12 years and I’ve done 24 hour EEGs and hadn’t been able to have seizures during them so they couldn’t find out what kind of epilepsy I had and nothing shows on scans so back in August I stayed in the hospital for a week, sleep deprived off my meds hoping to actually have a seizure to find out what kind of epilepsy I have. And I didn’t have a seizure. I was SHOCKED! The one time I wanted to have one and I didn’t have one…how crazy? Luckily the doctors were still able to gather information, but epilepsy is funny sometimes and stubborn I’m learning. But we just have to be more stubborn I think lol.


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