Trump’s whole anti-abortion issue

Hello everyone,

Well I looked at the news online and found out that Trump is going to try to repeal the pro-choice law for abortion. Let me give you my whole take on this:

Look, it is our bodies and we have the right to do what we want with them. This is true. However, if you are having careless sex then you should carry that child to full term and give it up for adoption if you feel that you do not have the means to care for it. It is different if a person is raped and they don’t want to carry their rapist’s child. A person shouldn’t have to be made to carry something that is the reminder of a terrible time in their life. Don’t get me wrong. I am pro-choice. However, you need to be responsible. There are plenty of people, including myself, who cannot or do not know if they can have children and want to have children. And some of those that do, have abortions of perfectly beautiful babies that could have gone to loving homes. The government shouldn’t tell us what to do in the bedroom, but we need to take precautions until we are ready to have children. Be responsible! That’s just my two cents.



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