My health issues

Hello everyone,

I’ve talked about a lot of things over the course of this blog. A lot of them being health-related. Most being related to my obesity issues and migraines. However, I thought I would go ahead and tell you about my full health issues. I’m not going to bore you a lot, but I thought I would tell you a bit about my health challenges and how long I have had them. So let me begin:

My longest health issue is Epilepsy. I was 8 hours old when I had my first Grand Mal Seizure. No one exactly knows why I was born with Epilepsy. They think I had my first seizure because my blood sugar dropped real low. No one in my family has Epilepsy. I am the only one who has it. So we don’t know how it came about. It’s not completely under control. Right now I have had a surgery in which a neurosurgeon inserted a VNS (vagal nerve stimulator) into my body and it can be activated by a magnet, but the battery has to be replaced every five years. I am also on three medicines to control it.

My next longest health issue has been with my ears. Since I was a little girl I have had trouble with my ears. I think it is because my Eustachian tubes are low and the bacteria can get into the tubes easier. I have had seven sets of ear tubes put in. I don’t have any ear tubes now, but I have a very low tolerance for ear pain. If I have a sinus infection, I usually get an ear infection and if the doctor doesn’t give me something to knock out both then I might not be able to keep hydrated because of the pain with swallowing.

The next two were discovered in my early teenage years. I have two conditions; one which is called Hypothyroidism and the other which is called Panhypopituitarism. Both have to do with the Endocrine system. Basically, both are big fancy terms for saying that my Thyroid and Pituitary glands are deficient in working. They under produce what they are supposed to do. So I have to take medicines for those conditions.

Another health issue I’ve had since I was a little girl is Asthma. I got a lot of Pneumonia and this affected my lungs. So to this day I still have to have inhalers and a rescue inhaler.

A recent one that really developed when I moved to South Carolina was my migraines. I had migraines before, but they got really bad when I moved down to SC. It’s got to the point where I have medicine for injections and a muscle relaxer. I haven’t got to considering Botox yet, but when it gets really bad, I think I will.

Last, but certainly not least, my obesity developed in SC. I moved down to SC because I couldn’t take care of myself and I really didn’t have any place to go. I was also still shy and not fully mature. When I moved, I didn’t have any friends down there. So I turned to food. I am not blaming my parents for my obesity. It was my choices for over-eating. It’s my time now to get back into shape. Which I will do and am doing!

So I thought I would talk a little about myself. Have a good one everyone!



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