Killing Myself Slowly

Before you pick up the phone to call 911…no this is not a suicide post. So put those phones down and please do not try to commit me to a psychiatric hospital or ward. Thank you. So what do I mean and what does this post mean?

Well I was watching Dr. Phil yesterday. I don’t often talk about it, but Dr. Phil is one of my obsessions. I like watching him and Dr. Oz, The Talk, and sometimes The Chew. Anyway, he had the Survivor’s Todd Herzog who has been fighting his alcohol addiction. Something Dr. Phil asked really got to me. He asked Todd ‘Are you trying to kill yourself?’ Before you ask if I am an alcoholic…no, I am not. I only drink a few times a year. This got to me because of my obesity. I feel that I am killing myself slowly with food and I have not even been paying attention to it.

It upsets me, but it has opened my eyes as well. There are ways I can get out of this cycle of emotional eating and get back to eating healthy and having a healthy relationship with food. I have to find the right path for me and I will. This is what I will dedicate the rest of this year and next year on. I don’t know why it took that one phrase to get me to realize it, but I am glad I realize it now. Thanks for taking the time to read everyone.



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